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😍Remove and clean your surface immediately!

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Remove annoying grease and stain easily with the Magic Degreaser Cleaner. Suitable to use onfabrics, canvas, finished leathers, PVCs, glass, vinyl, plastics, rubbers, metals, gel coats, and fiberglass.

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This is a multi-surface cleaner with a penetrating foam.Directly spray it on any surface, and wipe with a dry cloth.No need to rinse and a clean finish can be seen right away!


Easy To ApplyWith its rinse-free design, just directly spray onto the desired area, then use a towel or sponge to wipe until the stain is removed.

Fast Cleaning FeatureThis is amulti-surface cleaner producing a penetrating foam that takes on grime where it hides, giving an instant cleaning finish.

Toxic-Free100% free of grease-producing silicone oils and petroleum distillates.

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Wide ApplicationWorks on all surfaces including fabric, canvas, finished leather, PVC, glass, vinyl, plastic, rubber, metals, wood, gel coat, fiberglass, and more!

Safe To UseWith anti-damage coating feature that protects surfaces against fading, discoloration and cracking.

EconomicalIt effectively eliminates grease, stuck-on dirt, dust, fingerprints and any unwanted stain on all surfaces, leaving a non-greasy, matte finish that can last up to 3 months

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  • Ingredients: Natural and Organic Citrus Oils, Corn and Coconut Derived Cleaners and Water
  • Net Content: 30 ml
  • Size: 10x3cm


1 xMagic Degreaser Cleaner

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Ariyah Barrett

Verified Buyer

It works! It got rid of the pesky mold issues I got in my restroom.

Fahim Mullen

Verified Buyer

This stuff is pure magic! I've tried everything from bleach, scrubbing bubbles - you name it and nothing has put a dent in getting my shower clean. I sprayed this RMR all over the shower, anywhere where I thought it needed, let it sit for 10 minutes and sprayed it down with the shower-head. My results are from ZERO SCRUBBING. Could you imagine if I did another treatment with scrubbing?? Can't wait to do it again! The smell is pretty strong, I lit a candle and had a fan and within 2 hours, it smelled like normal cleaning products, nothing strong. Buy it! It won't disappoint!

Petra Rigby

Verified Buyer

very good product! Just like in the pic, it bleach the mould! I have ordered 3 more now for the rest of the sinks... I left it for a few hours...

Fern Mcintyre

Verified Buyer

We've been struggling with mold/mildew stains in our master shower and front load washer for quite some time. Nothing bought at the grocery store or hardware store would work. We found this product and used as directed and wow, what a difference! Look at the photo, we have river stone in our shower bed with a lot of grout work around it. The nice clear grey ground area is the spot I treated, to the right you can see what it looked like before treatment. We also had mold stains in our front loading washer (a design flaw with certain models we found out). This is the only product that has helped remove those stains. Highly recommended!

Padraig Beaumont

Verified Buyer

I've been fighting mold and mildew in my shower since we moved in 11 years ago. I've tried all sorts of bathroom products and none have worked. I ordered this product and a similar. Tried the other first but it only did a partial job. Sprayed this product and ALL of the mould and mildew was gone within a few hours. I had to leave as the odor is overwhelming. Make sure any pets and children are not in the area.

Zayan Shea

Verified Buyer

I am fond of the effect. The black mold is gone. Perfect application!

Renzo Holman

Verified Buyer

The product conforms to the description. I am satisfied.

Mylo Mercado

Verified Buyer

This product is amazing. It immediately like erased the black mold (due to water damage) from my wall. I have never seen anything like it. And I have used in the past Microban and other commercial mold treating chemicals and I am sure it kills the mold bacteria and disinfect the area but then I would have to sand the area to get rid of the black mold. With RMR 86 it makes the mold and the black color just disappear. I was pleasantly shocked.

Nadir Macgregor

Verified Buyer

Really sad I didn't take a before picture because I was honestly BLOWN away by thr results! We live in an apartment building and the caulking around our tub and tile in shower constantly gets moldy and looks gross. No matter how much I scrub and clean never looks any better or did for a couple days. I bought this pack of mold killer and stain remover and wow just wow. I'm so very happy with how it works just the very fist time!! Highly recommend for anyone to use if you've got issues with mold stains/molding. I didn't even use a ton of each and it worked so well. The bottles ate huge so I'd say it's very reasonable priced also.

Hawwa Stanton

Verified Buyer

I’m using this right now but wanted to write a review before I forget. After 1 application and waiting 10 minutes this wiped away almost all of the black mold in my bathtub. First pic is before and second pic is after. Going to do 1 more treatment to get the remaining mold. Hopefully this really kills it and it doesn’t come back but we’ll see. I’ve only used the mold killer, haven’t used the stain remover so I don’t know what that smells like but the mold killer is basically scentless.

Jonas Hammond

Verified Buyer

These are the best cleaners/disinfectants I have ever used. The programs "Hoarders & World's Dirtiest Houses" use these all the time in their cleaning efforts & as a result of this I wanted to try them. They kill mold & mildew, disinfect & kill the worst of smells.

Arvin Mackenzie

Verified Buyer

My mother’s guest bathroom became a biohazard after the sink leaked for several days. My mother didn’t discover the issue for a week, so the mold spread all over the floor and into the shower. I offered to clean since I just moved back home.

Rafi Mcclure

Verified Buyer

Used it on stubborn black mold in shower and it disappeared within seconds of spraying and didn’t return for months. Great buy & highly recommend if you struggle cleaning mold from tiled enclosed showers.

Sylvia Cantrell

Verified Buyer

The mold stain remover agitated my asthma really bad. Where a mask when using. Eyes were burning pretty bad too. PRODUCT WORKS! Most the mold melted away in a few seconds. Harder spots required scrubbing. Again WHERE A MASK.

Rocky Stein

Verified Buyer

We were shocked to discover a huge spot of mold in both bathrooms in a house we just bought. This product took care of both spots quick and easily!

Alyssia Shah

Verified Buyer

Works great and fast. Stain remover has a very strong smell, so I'd recommend face mask. Also, I believe stain remover is just a very concentrated bleach, so be careful with your cloth since it causes discoloration.

Vincenzo Wagstaff

Verified Buyer

This stuff is INCREDIBLE! We had a mold issue on our bathroom ceiling due to no bathroom fan or window, and have been battling it with various cleaners for a while. This stuff, we sprayed on, let it sit for ten minutes, and wiped it down and it was all GONE! Months later and the mold has never returned! This stuff is magic!

Tamika Rivas

Verified Buyer

Literally killed and cleaned the mold in my guest bathroom shower. I would not let anyone use that shower due to the black mold around the floor. Used the disinfectant and then the cleaner. Results are amazing.

Izaak Kirkland

Verified Buyer

I used these 2 products in my shower, have tried multiple other products, even professional cleaning, so didn't hold out much hope these would work either, they did! Very happy with the performance.

Chay Cresswell

Verified Buyer

We had tried several things trying to get rid of mold and mildew in our shower but nothing we tried worked. This was our last hurrah at wiping it out. If this didn’t work, we were going to have to removed the grout. Finally, we found something that actually works. This stuff is terrific! It only took a few minutes for it to wipe out the mold.

Athena Busby

Verified Buyer

This comes with two bottles. One is an anti mold spray. I am not sure how effective that is because I used the mold killer and stain remover on a scarily moldy shower and have not seen mold since. Don’t use without ventilation and even a mask. Not cheap and I suspect it’s concentrated bleach but nothing else worked on this disgusting shower.

Hallam Alvarado

Verified Buyer

Although, the scent is very noticeable, I was truly amazed at the way it completely obliterated the black mold that was stuck in the body wash and shampoo indentation of the tub. Pow! Knocked it right out of there overnight, maybe sooner. I'm not sure just how long it took to work because I sprayed it at bedtime. I will buy it again.

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