Eyedolatry: Discontinued Contact Lens Update: Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism and Acuvue TruEye (2023)

Eyedolatry: Discontinued Contact Lens Update: Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism and Acuvue TruEye (1)

Johnson and Johnson Vision has announced the discontinuation of several prescription ranges for it's popular Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism brand of lenses. Please note, the Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism contact lens is still available in the majority of the power ranges; only specific prescriptions are affected.In a letter to practitioners across the United States, Johnson and Johnson Vision cited the decision was based on a number of factors affecting industries around the world in 2022: short staffing at their distribution and contact center, supply chain issues, and increased product demand. The Acuvue Oasys MAX 1 Day brand of lenses recently launched in summer of 2022. In order to divert resources to the most needed prescription ranges (the company serves 43 million people globally with their Acuvue brand contact lens products), the discontinued parameters listed below were chosen because they were the least ordered prescriptions currently offered by the company.

The following powers are no longer available:

➡️ Plus Powers (+0.25D to +6.00D)
All -2.25D & -2.75D Cylinder

All Oblique axis in -0.75D, -1.25D, & -1.75D Cyl (x30, 40, 50, 60, 120, 130, 140, 150)

➡️ Low Minus Powers (0.00D to -6.00D)
All Oblique axis in -2.25D & -2.75D Cyl(x30, 40, 50, 60, 120, 130, 140, 150)

➡️ High Minus Powers (-6.50D to -9.00D)
All Oblique and against the rule axis in-1.75D, -2.25D & -2.75D Cyl ((x30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150)

Effective as of October 3rd, 2022, diagnostic (trial) lenses for the impacted parameters will no longer be available. Boxes in these prescriptions can be purchased as supplies last. Effective January 2, 2023 these impactedparameters will no longer be available for purchase.

Additionally, Johnson and Johnson Vision announced the complete discontinuation of the Acuvue TruEye brand of daily disposable products. As of October 3rd, 2022 no diagnostic (or trial) lenses are available for order, and boxes are as supplies last. No boxes of this product can be purchased after April 1st, 2023.


Is Acuvue TruEye being discontinued? ›

Additionally, Johnson and Johnson Vision announced the complete discontinuation of the Acuvue TruEye brand of daily disposable products. As of October 3rd, 2022 no diagnostic (or trial) lenses are available for order, and boxes are as supplies last. No boxes of this product can be purchased after April 1st, 2023.

Is Acuvue Oasys being discontinued? ›

Effective April 1, 2023, 1-DAY ACUVUE® TruEye® will no longer be available for purchase. You can return any of the discontinued parameters of ACUVUE® OASYS for ASTIGMATISM and 1-DAY ACUVUE® TruEye® products on hand up to 6 months after this discontinuation date.

Why did Acuvue discontinued colored contacts? ›

We hate being the bearer of bad news, but Johnson & Johnson recently announced that they are discontinuing their popular Acuvue TruEye contacts due to supply chain issues.

Is Acuvue TruEye better than moist? ›

Acuvue TruEye is better than Moist in terms of comfort and staying comfortable for longer periods of time. This is because it is made of a silicone hydrogel material which allows more oxygen to reach the eye for a more breathable lens. For this reason, they are also a more expensive option than 1-Day Acuvue Moist.

When did Acuvue TruEye come out? ›

1-Day Acuvue TruEye – (narafilcon A) first silicone hydrogel daily disposable released 2008 in European Markets and 2010 in North America.

How long can you wear Acuvue TruEye? ›

How long can I wear Acuvue TruEye? The recommended wearing time for Acuvue TruEye is around 16 hours, but you should check with your doctor about your individual situation.

How long can you wear Acuvue Oasys for astigmatism? ›

How long can you wear Acuvue Oasys for astigmatism? ACUVUE OASYS for ASTIGMATISM can be worn daily for up to 2 weeks. Alternatively, these lenses can be worn up to 6 nights/7 days if you are sleeping in them for extended wear.

What's the difference between Acuvue and Acuvue Oasys? ›

Acuvue 2 lenses have a higher water content at 58%, providing a more hydrating lens wearing experience. Although Acuvue Oasys has a lower water content of 39%, it does have a higher oxygen permeability than Acuvue 2, giving incredible breathability throughout wear.

How long are Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism good for? ›

These will need to be replaced every two weeks. The other option is to wear them as extended wear lenses and keep them in overnight for up to six nights at a time.

Why are there no colored contacts for astigmatism? ›

Why the limitation? Sadly, the complexity of toric lenses makes it difficult and expensive to manufacture colored toric contacts. Prescriptions for astigmatism have many more correction combinations than non-toric prescriptions.

Are color changing contacts safe? ›

It's absolutely safe to wear FDA-approved colored contact lenses that are prescribed to you and fitted by your optometrist. They're just as safe as your regular contact lenses, as long as you follow essential basic hygiene guidelines when inserting, removing, replacing and storing your contacts.

Do color changing contacts exist? ›

You don't have to need corrective lenses to wear colored contacts. These lenses come in a wide range of powers, so whether your eyesight is perfect or requires significant correcting, you can change the color of your eyes with contacts.

Are there contacts that are better for dry eyes? ›

Scleral lenses are the main type of hard contact lenses that will be recommended if you have severe dry eye. These are designed in such a way that they don't touch the cornea, avoiding any possible irritation and nerve desensitization, which is one cause of dry eyes related to contact lens wear.

Which contact lens material is best for dry eyes? ›

Toric lenses for astigmatism made with silicone hydrogel material and replaced on a daily disposable schedule are likely to work best for people with dry eyes. These breathable contacts are designed to retain water and keep the eyes lubricated throughout the day.

Is Oasys better than moist? ›

Drawing a comparison, Acuvue Oasys offers better oxygen transmissibility and 1 Day Acuvue Moist retains more water. With regards to special features, 1 Day Acuvue Moist comes with LACREON technology that's inspired by natural tears to retain water in the lens.

Is Acuvue Trueye silicone hydrogel? ›

It is the world's first daily disposable contact lens made with a super-breathable silicone hydrogel material that provides 98 percent of available oxygen to the open eye.

Is there a shortage of contact lens? ›

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted supply chains and finances of contact lens manufacturers. Consequently, the outbreak has resulted in major delays in new contact lens shipments. This trend is likely to continue through the end of 2020.

Did Acuvue change their packaging? ›

Johnson & Johnson MedTech, which comprises the business' vision arm, is removing outer plastic pouches from its Acuvue deliveries as part of its aims to reduce its environmental footprint and move towards a net zero target by 2030.

What is the longest time you can wear contact lenses? ›

The maximum time that any lens has been approved to wear continuously is 30 days. You should never wear a lens longer than that. If you must sleep in your lenses, most eye doctors will encourage you to take them out as often as possible, or at least once per week.

Is 12 hours too long to wear contacts? ›

“Most people can safely and comfortably wear contact lenses for up to about 12 hours per day, though I always recommend giving your eyes a chance to breathe without lenses in,” she says. A good rule of thumb is eight to 12 hours a day, and removing them at night to let your eyes rest as you sleep.

What's the longest you can wear daily contacts? ›

Daily disposable lenses are worn for one day only. They aren't designed to be resistant to germs, bacteria, or other buildup that collects on the lens throughout the day.

Are astigmatism contacts more expensive? ›

People who need contacts for astigmatism will pay more. In fact, the average cost of contacts per box for those with astigmatism is closer to between $50 and $70 per box, with an average annual cost of around $500 to $700 or more.

Can wearing contacts too long cause astigmatism? ›

FALSE. Astigmatism happens when the cornea (the clear front window of the eye) curves more in one direction than in the other — like a football. A normal cornea is round and smooth, like a basketball.

Are there contacts you can sleep in with astigmatism? ›

No matter what your day holds, with AIR OPTIX for ASTIGMATISM, you can count on steady vision, high levels of comfort and benefits for the health of your eyes. AIR OPTIX for ASTIGMATISM lenses are approved for daily wear and up to 6 nights of extended wear, and are recommended for monthly replacement.

What brand of contacts does Walmart use? ›

Equate lenses distributed by Walmart under the Equate brand allowing the customer to experience an affordable daily disposable contact lens. Equate provides a healthier and convenient contact lens option.

Is it OK to sleep with Acuvue Oasys contacts? ›

ACUVUE OASYS® Brand Contact Lenses are indicated for vision correction for daily wear (worn while awake) or extended wear (worn while awake and asleep for up to 6 nights/7 days).

How many times can you wear Acuvue Oasys contacts? ›


One lens can be worn up to 14 days. They can also be worn as an extended wear lens which means you can sleep in them for up to six nights. The lens is designed to be worn as a two-week daily wear lens which means you take the lenses out each night. One lens can be worn up to 14 days.

Can you be too old for contact lenses? ›

Contact lenses are one of many options for correcting vision, but are they a good solution for older adults? They can be. With guidance from an eye doctor, many adults over 60 successfully wear contacts.

Is it OK to wear expired contacts? ›

Wearing contact lenses that have expired - or for longer than the prescribed amount of time - can be dangerous for your eyes and vision. Not following the instructions of your eye doctor and lens manufacturer raises the risk of everything from eye irritation to infections and corneal abrasions.

Can wearing contacts too long damage your eyes? ›

Risks of wearing contacts too long

Contact lenses that are left in too long can lead to the following conditions: Corneal ulcers (infectious keratitis): An open sore in the outer layer of the cornea. Hypoxia: A lack of oxygen that can lead to abnormal blood vessel growth into the cornea.

Do people with astigmatism see better in the dark? ›

How Does Astigmatism Affect Your Vision at Night? People with astigmatism often report that it is more difficult to see and focus at night than during the day. The reason for this is that the pupil dilates in low light to allow more light into the eye to see.

What happens if you wear regular colored contacts with astigmatism? ›

Q: Can you wear regular contact lenses if you have astigmatism? A: No, if you have astigmatism, it's essential that you wear specialized contact lenses because your condition can worsen if not. Regular contact lenses do not cover your cornea's entirety, which will impair your ability to see even further.

Can colored contacts make your vision worse? ›

Just like with regular contact lenses, wearing colored contacts can increase the odds for eye and corneal infections, scratches on the cornea, possible allergic reactions, impaired vision, and even potential blindness. Colored contacts can slide around on the eye, which can impair vision.

What color lens is best for black eyes? ›

1. What are the best colored contacts for dark eyes? If you've got dark eyes, avoid visible tints and opt for opaque tints. To keep your eyes looking natural, go for brown or hazel colored lens.

Why doesn t Amazon sell colored contacts? ›

No matter whether you're looking for contact lenses that are purely cosmetic or those that are corrective, you can't buy them on Amazon. They're on the prohibited list because “they do not meet the checklist requirements”—though which requirements those are isn't clear.

Do people still wear colored contacts? ›

Anyone that can wear contacts, can wear colored contacts.

Some have totally "regular" eyes and others have an imperfection in the eye's curvature, called astigmatism. Luckily, there are colored contacts for pretty much everyone, though some types, such as those for astigmatism, might be more expensive.

Is Acuvue better than biotrue? ›

Both lenses feature Class-2 UVA and UVB blocking, however, the Biotrue ONEday provides a much higher oxygen transmission value and features an aspherical design. Biotrue ONEday's oxygen transmission value is 42 Dk/t with a 78% water content compared to 33 Dk/t and a 58% water content seen in the 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST.

Will Acuvue buy back contacts? ›

We are so confident that you will love the comfort ACUVUE® Contact Lenses provide that if you're not 100% satisfied within 90 days we promise your money back^, no questions asked.

Is CooperVision the same as Acuvue? ›

CooperVision MyDay and Acuvue Moist not only differ in their material but they also utilise different technologies which set them apart. CooperVision MyDay uses Aquaform Technology for a naturally wettable lens that uses less silicone hydrogel allowing for more flexibility and easy handling.


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