Patients coordinator Non-EU patients
Tahani Al-Barghouti

Im Prüfling 21-25
60389 Frankfurt am Main

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Tahani Al-Barghouti

Patients coordinator Non-EU patients


The AGAPLESION MARKUS HOSPITAL in Frankfurt is your capable partner across all health issues. As a hospital focusing on specialised care we provide a broad range of treatment with medical and nursing care at the highest level.

Our supply focuses on the segments of oncology, gastroenterology, cardiology, nephrology and urology. Our medical spectrum also includes general surgery, orthopaedics and trauma surgery, plastic surgery as well as gynecology and obstetrics. Our service portfolio is completed by the clinic for psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy as well as our centre for palliative care.

With 640 beds we are one of the leading health facilities within the metropolitan area of Frankfurt.

Your medical care

Our experience for your treatment

For over ten years, we have provided medical care for non-EU patients. With this experience, we strive to make your treatment experience as comfortable and successful as possible.

We accept non-EU patients as self-payers:

  • With appropriate international healthcare insurance
  • With Funding (sponsorship) from homecountry for example through embassies, consulates, health ministries, etc.

Please note: We don'thave any commercial relationshipwith patient recruiting agencies and we d'ont pay any provision.

  • Your inquiry
  • Our reply
  • Agreement and further steps

If you are interested in a medical treatment in our hospital, send us your inquiry. We will promptly assess and respond to you regarding the feasibility of your treatment in our hospital. This assessment process is free of charge.

To be able to conduct an appropriate assessment, we need you to provide us with the following information:

  • A description of your medical condition and the reason for your inquiry
  • An appropriate medical report in any of the following languages: German, English, French, Russian and Arabic

The following optional information can be of great added value to the accuracy of our assessment:

  • Laboratory test reports
  • Radiology reports
  • Surgery report, if an operation was performed
  • Histology/ Pathology report, if an biopsy was performed

We treat all the provided information with strict confidentiality and it will be only used to assess the patient’s treatment feasibility in our hospitals.

If a treatment in our facilities is possible, you will receive a confirmation and the following documents:

  • Treatment plan
  • A brief outline of the planned treatment or any necessary diagnostics
  • Cost estimate
  • An estimation of the medical treatment costs. Special services shall be agreed separately
  • Time outline

A time schedule with expected medical appointments, the duration of hospital stay(s) and overall duration of stay in Germany. Additionally you will receive the aftercare plan to be conducted either in Germany or your home country.

Treatment agreement and further steps

Once you agree to our treatment plan, you will be asked to pay the estimated cost in advance "Advance Payment". The payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card or cash upon arrival to the hospital prior to admission.

Meanwhile our foreign non-EU-patients’ coordinator will organise all the necessary appointments and makes the arrangements for all your requirements.

Additional optional services are available at additional costs. These services include translation of reports, interpreter in hospital or clinic, escort, hotel booking, limousine, airport pick up…etc.

Do you need a medical visa? We assist you with the procurement of the visa, only if you make an advance payment of the estimated costs. After receipt of the transfer, we will gladly issue an official visa invitation letter for you to submit to the German Embassy in your home country when applying for the visa.

Quality, costs and insurance

Best treatment for all our patients

Our hospital offers very high quality treatment for all patients. Our highly qualified doctors and up-to-date medical technology provide for treatment at the highest level. Treatment in Germany is carried out in accordance with specific strict standards and guidelines to ensure high quality and safety. Thus international patients are protected by a strict code of conduct.

  • Who pays for the treatment?
  • Treatment costs
  • Health insurance
  • Traval health insurance

The Social Code Book V (SGB V) contains the legal regulations for the statutory health system in Germany. These regulations apply to all patients - either German or foreign. The Social Code Book guarantees for foreign patients the same treatment at the same costs.

The costs of treatment are calculated based on the Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG). This accounting system is applied in all German hospitals.

How are the treatment costs calculated?

Hospitals calculate the cost of treatment using the DRG (Diagnosis Related Groups). The DRG classifies hospital cases (patients), based on medical criteria, in case groups.

The German DRG divides hospital activities into more than 18 categories. These categories relate to specific health areas as eye diseases, respiratory organs, digestive organs, etc. Within these categories, a specific DRG is defined on the basis of diagnosis, the medical procedures and additional diagnoses.

For each of the over 1200 DRG codes, a specific economic case value is prescribed. Using this case value, the hospital costs that are charged to the patient account can be determined. Usually the DRG rates include the cost of implants, drug and medical personnel, i.e. the full medical care.

However, if a patient decides to opt for private medical treatment by the senior consultant or department’s chief physician, such personal treatment bill, will be separately invoiced. Nevertheless, the prices of the private medical treatment are also regulated by the Government under the price list called GOÄ (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte) the German term for "Fees for doctors". For an individual medical treatment with dual billing the patient must sign a so-called elective service contract.

Our hospitals offer 3-bed-rooms as general standard. Against additional charges, Patients can choose comfortable single or double bed accommodation instead.

Some health insurance policies have an appropriate coverage for treatment abroad. We accept these policies if the patient obtains a formal pre-approval for all the treatment expenses.

If pre-approval is not obtained the patient shall be considered as self-payer and pay the advance payment and then seek reimbursement from his insurance company. The reimbursement form and final invoice will be handed to patient prior to discharge.

In case of the approval granted during the hospital stay, the advanced payment will be refunded.

As a condition for obtaining the SCHENGEN visa to enter Germany the patient must provide documentary evidence of travel health insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros valid for the entire Schengen area. However, this policy is not valid for general medical treatment. It is considered for coverage of emergency situations that may face a traveller abroad. These include:

  • emergency medical expenses up to 30.000 Euros
  • emergency medical care
  • repatriation to country of residence
  • assistance in case of death

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Which languages are available for communication at AGAPLESIONMARKUS HOSPITAL?

Our patients' coordinator speaks German, English and Arabic. You can submit documents in French, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian and Romanian as well.

How long does it take to process my request?
If you have sent us all the necessary information, you will receive a first tentative answer within 48 hours. Within 7 days you will receive a final confirmation of whether a treatment in our clinic is feasible.

How can I submit my inquiry?
• The quickest and easiest way is by email where you can scan and send documents as attachments to tahani.albarghouthithis is not part of the email@
• You can fax the required documents to F +49 (69) 46 08 - 229
• Documents, CD’s and images send by post to:

Tahani Al-Barghouthi
Im Prüfling 21-25, 60389 Frankfurt am Main

Can you assist with obtaining the necessary visa to enter Germany?
Yes, we can. After confirming the treatment with us and transfer of the advance payment, we will issue -if required- an official invitation for you and any accompanying family member. You may submit the invitation letters to the German Embassy in your home country when applying for the visa.

What methods of payment for the treatment costs are there?
You will receive a cost estimate of the expected medical treatment.This amount can either be transferred to the hospital's account prior to arrival in Germany or be paid on the day of admission in cash or with credit card. This will be considered as the "Advance payment" and at the end of the treatment process the final bill will be issued and it will be settled from the advance payment amount and the patient will be reimbursed any excess amounts or will pay any shortfall.


Contact us

Would you like to be treated at AGAPLESIONMARKUS HOSPITAL? If so, please do the following:

  • save our contact form › on your PC
  • fill it out
  • save the changes
  • send us the completed form and the required documents (reports, medical reports, etc.)

You can send us your inquiry by the following ways:

  • by mail to tahani.albarghouthithis is not part of the email@
  • by fax to +49 (69) 46 08-323
  • or by Post to:
    z. Hd. Tahani Al-Barghouthi
    Im Prüfling 21-25
    60389 Frankfurt am Main

We look forward to receive your inquiry.


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